Before you register for the Kenyan driving test – do you have a postal address?

Kenya Driving LicenceWhen you register for your driving test, you need to provide your address. This is where NTSA will mail your new driving license. Kenyan residents have four standard choices for delivery points. In this article, we introduce a new, far superior, personal option.

First the common approach:

  • You are one of the few lucky Kenyan residents who have private Post Office boxes. There are about 800,000 postal boxes serving a population of 40 million.
  • You have access to a parent’s or relative’s box. This may not be conveniently located or frequently accessible to you. You will need to check this box frequently.
  • You have access to your employer’s Post Office address. You are doubly fortunate to be employed in the formal sector.
  • You may choose to use your driving school’s Post Office address. You will need to proactively check with them for your license. Some driving schools encourage this option. But do you want your driving school to be your permanent official address for your driving license?

Mpost, an innovative new service from the Postal Corporation of Kenya and Taz Technologies, solves this challenge permanently and elegantly.

For KSh300 per year, you get your own Post Office box, bypassing the perennial shortage of boxes. This virtual post office box comes associated with your mobile phone number and instantly notifies you when you receive mail. You can then go pick up your driving license at the Post Office or use your phone to have it delivered to you.

When you subscribe to Mpost, you immediately acquire an official address of the form:

P O Box 2547xxxxxxxx-00100, Kenya

where the 7xxxxxxxx is your mobile number and 00100 would be the postal code of your preferred Post Office (in this example, GPO in Nairobi) where you would like to pick up your mail. Despite its unusual yet simple form, this is a valid official postal address and can be used in similar ways to existing legacy addresses.

At one-tenth of the average cost of a physical Post Office box, these virtual boxes are far more useful and convenient in today’s mobile-phone powered fast life.

With MPost you will never miss important letters and packages such as IDs, driving licenses or indeed job offers. And the service is sure to put a dent in those piles of uncollected driving licenses, identity cards and other documents.

So, simplify your life – get your virtual address and use it to register for your driving test. After passing the test you can then sit back and wait for the SMS notification when your driving license is ready for pick up at your Post Office.

Click here to learn more about MPost and get your own virtual box instantly.


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