Road signs of Kenya – practice questions for the driving test

How well do you know the road signs of Kenya? Can you list them? Describe them? Have you mastered the Golden Rule? The meanings of the marks painted on the roadways and pavements? According to one study, 80% of drivers rate themselves as above average — a statistical impossibility. Practice tests and sample questions can help you confirm your level of preparedness.

penThe Kenyan driving test provides opportunities for you to demonstrate your knowledge of:

  • the road signs of Kenya and their meanings
  • the rules of the road and how to share the road with other users
  • your practical ability to drive a vehicle safely, in accordance with the law, and with consideration for other road users

During the first part of the theory test, you will find yourself in front of a testing officer who will point his pointer to a series of road signs on a poster-sized board mounted on the wall. You task will be to instantly name, describe and explain any sign on that chart in order to proceed to the next test. Our “Road Signs of Kenya” ebook provides all the information you need to pass this part of the test.

StartQuizIf you like flash cards, you may appreciate our online, interactive Kenya Driving Quiz as you practice your knowledge of these road signs and rules of the road. At the end of the quiz, you can compare your answers to the correct ones.

So, what types of questions can you expect in the theory part of the Kenyan driving test? Here are 10 examples. Head on here to find more examples.

The indented statements are the multiple choice options.

  1. What is the highway code?
  2. List three places are you not allowed to stop?
  3. What should you do if on approaching a green traffic light it turns to amber?
    • Accelerate in order to beat the light
    • Stop immediately
    • Proceed if you had crossed the stop line and it is safe to do so
    • Do nothing.
  4. Where are you allowed to hoot?
    • Near a police station
    • Where the is a “no hooting” sign
    • Near a school
    • Near a hospital
  5. What is the purpose of depressing the clutch pedal when engaging gears?
    • To go faster
    • To reduce the strain on the engine
    • To slow down the vehicle
    • To disconnect the gearbox from the engine
  6. What is the Golden Rule?
    • Drive on the left
    • Stop for pedestrians
    • Do not exceed the speed limit
    • Overtake only on the right
  7. Which one of the following describes the main characteristics of Warning signs?
    • Octagonal
    • Upright triangle
    • Rectangular
    • Triangular with downward facing apex
  8. The Rule of the Road is “Always keep to the left”. What is one exception?
    • When reversing
    • When driving at night
    • When parking across the street
    • When turning right at the next turn
  9. Within what period must an accident be reported to the Police?
    • 48 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 36 hours
    • 24 hours
  10. What is the significance of Regulatory signs?
    • They apply only on busy streets
    • They may be obeyed
    • They must be obeyed
    • They are for informational purposes

Click here to check out the correct answers, and to try more questions in our free interactive online quiz.


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